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MIKE MOORE "Motivation in a fun package"

Discover how you can easily earn between $4000 and $5000 monthly speaking to groups

A public speaking book that can change your life.

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Letters from two satisfied clients
"A Person is known and trusted for the service and quality they provide."

Mike, I have now had your 'Public Speaking for Profit and Pleasure' public speaking course for approximately one month and must say I am more than pleased.  I was in the public speaking business in years past delivering lyceum programs and seminars to public schools and civic as well as church groups in the N.E. U.S. Due to circumstances beyond my control this all changed dramatically when I had to move to Florida following my wife's tragic death at the hands of a drunk driver. 

After a thirty year sabbatical from public speaking I found myself being drawn back into this profession that I dearly loved and that is when I contacted you concerning your public speaking course. 

I had looked into several others and was discouraged by the price charged and the attitudes of those so called 'purveyors of truth' that seemed to be on a very large ego trip.  (Any time a man tells me that he is going to give me three hours of his time that he usually charges five hundred dollars an hour for I am somewhat skeptical)

During the last month while I studied your material one word kept coming to mind continually and that word is a resounding, 'WOW!'  Your audios and the printed material are exceptional and worth much more than what you are charging.  And then, as I called or e-mailed you with questions YOU WERE THERE!  Mike, all I can say is that you give much more than I expected and far more than what I paid for.  Keep up the good work and may God bless you is my prayer.

Sincerely, Charles (The Bear Man) Towne,  Writer, Nature videographer and Public Speaker


Mike, I live in my own little writing and speaking world and most days I couldn't tell you what time it is or the day of the month. Thus, I called you on NEW YEARS DAY. Did you fuss? Did you tell me it was a holiday and to call back some other time (as you should have)? Nope. You talked to me, were very warm and friendly, and answered all of my questions. You are for real. THAT'S what counts into today's marketing. Give me real or my money stays in the bank. I so appreciate your ... ah ... REALISM. (Is that a word?)
Georgia Richardson
Humorist and Virtual Assistant for

  • Mike Moore is a writer/speaker/cartoonist who works in the fields of Human Potential, Motivation and Humor.
  • Mike's humorous reflections on the human condition along with his wisdom and insight have made him a popular keynote and conference speaker throughout North America.
  • Mike speaks on a wide variety of topics from Parenting Teenagers and Staying Sane, the Motivating Power of Appreciation and Praise to Humour in the Workplace.
  • When you hire Mike, you get a humourist, dynamic speaker, author, cartoonist and entertainer all in one.
What Mike's clients have to say


  • "EMBRACING THE MYSTERY" (wit and wisdom from a life in progress) - a humorous, inspiring book on how to live life fully and joyfully. 107 pages/cartoon illustrations
  • "YOU'VE GOT TO LAUGH" - 66 hilarious cartoons for and about teachers guaranteed to make the teacher in your child's life feel affirmed and appreciated.
  • "LIGHT UP WITH LAUGHTER" (the humour and health connection) - a fun-filled, practical book on putting up the power of humour and laughter to work enhancing your life, health and relationships. 81 pages/cartoon illustrations
  • "DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE" - A manual that provides practical tips on how to cope with those people in your life who are harmful to your health.
  • "YOU'RE NOT ALONE" (25 helpful tips on how to parent teenagers and remain sane) - A helpful, hopeful, and humorous booklet for parents of teenagers.
  • Cassette Tape - "LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE AND BE HAPPY" (delivered by Mike Moore) inspirational, motivating, and humourous.

These books, manuals and cassettes are available through:

193 Balmoral Dr.
Brantford, ON
N3R 7S2

Mike Moore is a professional speaker who delivers humorous,entertaining and  persuasive speeches across Canada and the United States.  He also is committed to helping aspiring speakers enter the exciting, profitable world of public speaking.

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